Campus Security

With over 1.1M people in the area we enjoy a friendly and safe environment with our neighbors. History has proven that God providentially set us on a hill in the middle of extensive ministry opportunities, and for over one hundred years has kept His hand of protection on our campus family.

Our security team keeps all campus residents informed and maintains contact with local law enforcement.

Security reports are available from the U.S. Department of Education.

Annual Security and Safety Report

In compliance with federal law, we prepare an annual report on campus security and fire safety programs and services.

This report includes:

  • previous 3 years of reported crimes both on and immediately adjacent to campus,
  • previous 3 years of fire statics,
  • crime prevention and security awareness techniques,
  • articles on fire safety, alcohol and substance abuse and sexual assault,
  • procedures for reporting a crime and
  • emergency and evacuation procedures.

Reporting a Crime or Emergency

Any emergencies should be reported by calling 911. Criminal activities should also be reported as soon as possible to a member of campus security either in person or by telephone.

Off-campus crime should be reported to the appropriate police department and to the Student Affairs Office.